Our Human Resources Policy

Bayburt Grup aims to include the most suitable candidates for the relevant positions in the recruitment process while bringing valuable talents into its structure.

Bayburt Grup is a group company that offers career opportunities to recent graduates and candidates with experience in their fields, aims to train development, is open to new ideas and is based on progress.

The basis of our human resources policy;

• To creating an inclusive business environment that promotes diversity, equal opportunity and participation

• Developing a positive, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial business culture

• To establish the understanding of sustainability aiming at what is good for the world

• Encouraging volunteerism for social responsibility

• Using technology and digitalization effectively in the human resources process

• To provide training and development opportunities based on professional and individual development

• To have the competence to do business in different geographies and in different sociocultural conditions

Education and Personal Development

Continuous development is essential to adapt to changing conditions and maintain the successful line of the company. It is essential to ensure continuous development and employee motivation, to maintain the level of knowledge and competence of our human resources at the level of world standards. Accordingly, the training needs of employees are determined by the employees and their managers together taking into account their professional and personal development, current and potential tasks, and are met within the framework of annual training plans created throughout the company.

Performance and Evaluation

Feedback between staff and senior management is an important cornerstone of the company's culture. It is essential to measure the work performance of employees with pre-defined criteria and to measure employee behavior in the evaluation of competence.

The Recruitment Process

Qualified candidates, who can think creatively, are well equipped, care about quality and have an understanding of how to do international business, or recent graduates who are open to education and learning, are selected for employment.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are offered to university and high school students at offices and construction sites within the Bayburt Grup. Internship programs aim to guide students who may be our potential employees in the future, by giving them the opportunity to get to know the work environment and our company culture.

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