Bayburt Group Inc. will continue its current operations covering a wide range of areas including contracting works, sale and industry of fuel-oil, insurance business and insurance intermediary services, consultancy services, domestic and foreign trade, distribution of oil and its derivatives, production of vegetables and fruits. Our group attaches priority to fulfilling its undertakings before the due time, realizing big projects, making contribution and providing added value to the national economy, training and employment of qualified personnel. We will continue all these activities in the future as well by including new sectors in our field of business and founding new companies. We move forward to the future with giant steps based on our corporate identity where every employee undertakes responsibility and initiative and adheres to the principles of the Company and is able to sustain the corporate culture and where new generation managers step in to realize our future oriented strategies. Our group of companies which carry their information and experience gained in our country to abroad and realize big projects abroad just as they have done in our country will make a name for themselves with their achievements abroad.


Since the date of its foundation Bayburt Construction has successfully completed and will continue to complete all infrastructural works put out to tender by the General Directorate of Rural Services, General Directorate of ASKI, General directorate of DSI and General Directorate of State highways like the construction of dams, ponds, road, irrigation and drainage, bridge, sewage and drinking water premises, land consolidation and leveling and the infrastructural works financed by the World Bank. The company which uses more than 100 heavy duty machinery and a sufficient tools and implements park in order to complete all these undertakings renews its park of machinery, tools and implements in line with its needs with a view to accomplish its undertakings on time. Our company is proud of being one of the ambitious companies of our sector today thanks to its sufficient machinery, tools and implements park and technical and professional work force.


The company whose field of specialization is the construction of railroads, ports, housing, infrastructure of housing, environmental arrangement , construction of housing estates, city sewage network, drinking water, ponds and drainage systems has expanded its range of business to include the restoration and infrastructural works of the historical artefacts subordinated to the Ministry of Culture (fine hand carving works, manual ornaments, reparation of roof, stone cleaning workmanship etc.)

Çerez Kabul