Our founder Kiyasi Senturk, the deceased, has commenced operating in the contracting and construction sector together with his brothers with the foundation of the company with the trade name “Kiyasi Senturk and Partners”. The successful completion of the works that they have undertaken and undertaking new works has led to the growth of the business volume of the company within the course of time and to the foundation of the new company with the trade name Bayburt Insaat Nak. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

Since the date of its foundation our company has successfully completed and will continue to complete all infrastructural works put out to tender by the General Directorate of Rural Services, General Directorate of ASKI, General directorate of DSI and General directorate of State highways like dams, ponds, roads, bridges, irrigation and drinking water plants, drainage and sewage constructions, land consolidation and leveling works and the infrastructural works financed by the World Bank.

Today our company is proud to be one of the ambitious companies of the sector thanks to its sufficient machinery, tools and implements park and technical and professional work force.

Our company which has already been successfully engaged for more than 40 years in the business of the construction of infrastructural works like dams, motorways, drinking water and irrigation canals, ponds, railways, tunnels etc. and of superstructural works like housing, administrative buildings, social reinforcements, bridges, bridge crossing etc. continues its achievements in the fields of distribution of fuel-oil, insurance and intermediary services, greenhouse business, production of renewable energy, mining, animal breeding and production of edible animal food. Our company has adopted the mission of making contribution to the Turkish economy by continuously creating new brands based on its corporate identity and its vision of becoming the leader of the sectors in which it operates. Fully aware of its corporate and social responsibility, the company continues to grow through the investments that it has realized in the new sectors that would contribute to meeting the needs of the rapid development of and changes in Turkish and world economies parallel to the phenomenon of globalization. Bayburt Group which continues to move ahead on its path with confident steps with its 20 companies making contribution to the national economy will provide guidance to the future generations with social responsibility projects and new fields of activity in compliance with the legislation on environment.

Çerez Kabul